Hydra galaxy

hydra galaxy

Hydra galaxy

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Already in the process of devising a series of trials to determine if a sentient species was worthy of existing, the Super-Ancients decided to set about constructing a mysterious antennae out of an unknown substance with the appearance of mountain rock within a meteor crater on Earth that any intelligent species that arose could use to accomplish this.

Since 10, BC, the Hydra galaxy has made preliminary passes of the Earth on three occasions in early preparation before the true Age of Trials began. Each time, the Four Legendary Kingdoms held the Great Games of the Hydra in order to undertake the ritual for the time and divert the Hydra galaxy from its course towards Earth; upon the success of each of these Games, a signal was sent to the Hydra galaxy, which in response would send out a signal containing information from the Ancients known as the Mysteries, which would provide whoever received them with knowledge regarding the final two trials.

Around September , the observatory in the Underworld which tracked the movements of the Hydra galaxy detected that it was close enough to Earth, and unlocked the Star Chamber vault the Golden Spheres were locked inside, signaling to the Four Kingdoms that the time to divert the Hydra galaxy was upon them.

Australian intelligence quickly realised the severity of the situation, and after a month, General Eric Abrahamson called for Jack West Jr to consult him on the crisis in the hope that the former specialist might know of something that could save them. Jack recognised the shape of the Hydra galaxy resembling a Tetra-Gammadion, which had been a symbol used by ancient civilisations and agreed to look into it.

During the interim between the Second and Third Challenges, Iolanthe explained the history of the Hydra galaxy and its relationship with the Super-Ancients and the Great Games of the Hydra to Jack and his friends. Later, during the banquet hosted by Hades between the Fourth and Fifth Challenges, Ricardo Mendoza further explained how the Hydra galaxy and its diversion was but the third of five tasks set by the super-ancient beings to test life on Earth.

Following the Fifth Challenge, the first five Golden Spheres were set in place within the Summit Temple atop the antenna mountain, raising the obelisk and completing the first phase of the trials. After Jack won the Great Games, the remaining four Spheres were set into place, and though Orlando Compton-Jones attempted to enter the recess that would allow him to recieve the Mysteries, Jack stopped him, and so as the obelisk powered up and sent out its signal to the Hydra galaxy, the ever-moving galaxy was re-directed to alter its course away from Earth, completing the third trial.

As Alby Calvin was tasked with figuring out when the fourth trial, the Trial of the Cities , was set to be completed by, he discovered that radio waves from the Sagittarius A-star singularity in the Milky Way galaxy would pass through Earth and onwards through the path that the Hydra galaxy had cleared a path on its original trajectory to the center of the universe, be able to determine if the fourth trial had been completed or not. Because it moves on the crest of a gravitational wave originating from from the center of the universe, the Hydra galaxy is moving at 10 times the speed of sound.

The only exception is the Antlia cluster which probably contains about 30 large galaxies. Below is a three-dimensional map of the Hydra supercluster. This map is an actual plot of the largest galaxies in the supercluster. At the centre of the supercluster lies the dominant Hydra cluster - A The nearest part of the supercluster to us is the region at the top-left where a lot of the other prominant groups of galaxies are.

Together with the Virgo cluster and the Centaurus cluster A , the Hydra cluster is one of the three largest clusters of galaxies within million light years. Below is a photograph of the Hydra cluster. The galaxies here are visible as the various white blobs.

Because the cluster is spread across 2 degrees of the sky there are a lot of faint foreground stars in this image. The bright orange star at the centre of the picture is HR - a fifth magnitude red giant star light years away.

Right: this is a map of the Hydra cluster. This map shows the positions of 74 of the brightest galaxies in and around this cluster. All three galaxies have a diameter of about thousand light years. Because it is not a major supercluster, the Hydra supercluster has not received a huge amount of attention.

The Hydra supercluster has usually been studied together with its larger neighbour the Centaurus supercluster. A typical example is a paper by Costa, Numes, Pellegrini, Willmer, Chincarini, and Cowan who studied the distribution of galaxies in this region of the sky. However most authors who have studied both the Hydra and Centaurus superclusters agree that these two superclusters are separate structures.

In a second paper , da Costa, Willmer, Pellegrini, and Chincarini make it quite clear that they regard these two superclusters as seperate. The two superclusters are not unlinked however, they both connect to the Virgo supercluster and it is quite common to see this entire region referred to as the Virgo-Hydra-Centaurus supercluster.

Because it is one of the nearest rich clusters of galaxies, the Hydra cluster has been studied on many occasions.

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Galaxies Separating in Hydra Constellation

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